Assign. Orchestrate. Automate.

Gofloz is a powerful workflow management tool that allows you to seamlessly build, change, manage and track workflows across all teams, departments and business processes. Whether you want to keep track of productivity and turnaround time or create custom flows to prioritize and organize tasks, our best-in-class platform is the solution to all your workflow woes.

Gofloz Promises

Automate task tracking, identify bottlenecks and organize priorities centrally

Create custom workflows and add additional tasks to manage work on the go

Say goodbye to chat groups and endless emails with task creation, allocation and management - all in one place

Get clear and complete visibility on the progress and status of individual tasks of each project

Focus on achieving more together

With teams working remotely, coordinating tasks through group chats and slack channels is only adding to the confusion, resulting in loss of time and decreasing productivity. 

Enable any workflow, any device, any location! Allow workflow amendments based on process evolution

Provide a simple, clean and intuitive user interface! Ensure clear visibility, monitoring and ease of navigation

Constantly enhance product capabilities to include more and more features and functionalities while keeping things simple

Create Endless Workflows

Gofloz is a simple and versatile process and workflow management tool that lets you customize workflows best suited for your business teams. It is quite flexible – from coordinating sales operations to mapping a hiring workflow for your HR team or from developing a content promotion workflow to incident management for your IT support team, the platform can seamlessly map your business requirements. 

Project Management

Setting up a new facility is a massive project requiring collaboration of multiple teams for smooth execution of tasks. Gofloz enables such project execution through repeatable templates, progress monitoring and reporting features

Approval workflow

Several workflows in supply chain require approvals and document sharing. With Gofloz, you can configure such workflows with ease. The  concerned team can share and collaborate for work assignments and progress tracking.

Incident management

Incident reporting, solution and closure of ticket are important aspect of continuous improvement. With Gofloz, you can seamlessly configure multiple templates to ensure the right information is shared at the right time with key stakeholders.