Electrical Appliances - Pyrops WMS

Electical Appliances warehouse

One of the leading electrical appliances manufacturer handled its SKUs and warehouse with a set of challenges. With the help of Pyrops WMS, 70% of the warehouse operations were enabled on mobile handheld devices for easy adoption by users. 

Barcode and Scan based Operation

One of the leading warehouse solutions and transport aggregation solution provider who handles 10000+ shipments per day, needed 100% scan-based operations and tracking of all products at serial number level if relevant. They also wanted to achieve SLA-based order processing aligning with the cutoffs of their transportation network. This required deep integrations with their Order Management System covering the happy flow and exceptional scenarios.

Dark Store Fulfilment - Pyrops WMS

Dark Store

One of the leading transport aggregators and warehouse service providers was now extending its proposition to dark stores as a service. The aggregator needed a system to manage their dark store operations for multiple clients from the same facility and they handled multi-client facilities with morethan 9 clients. They required a shorter & faster process for executing Pick-Pack-Dispatch, considering the time constraints and customer SLAs.

Omni channel Retail Case Study

Inventory optimisation

One active wear and sports apparel brand operates in both B2C and B2B business through various channels wanted to use the same inventory pool for all of them. The brand sought to reduce fulfilment errors and have concurrent fulfilment for orders from all channels, as well as comply with marketplace SLAs. They outsourced manufacturing to different vendors and needed a technology solution that could scale with their business and handle future requirements.

Complexities Of QSR Warehousing

A food service client manages 1170 SKUs in their B2B business from a Kundli warehouse. They use FEFO for batch and expiry management, have palletized storage, and lack a system to handle inventory for all channel fulfilments. They require an expiry/manufacturing-based system to track all products, SLA-based order processing, and a faster pick-pack-dispatch cycle for franchise fulfilment due to time constraints and franchise SLAs.